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What are the benefits of smart card Blucard?
Posted by Luca Rizzo on 30 August 2012 07:25 PM
The smart card BLUTRONICS Blucard is a chip card standard ISO7816, highly secure, scalable, and customizable.

While memory cards possess only one pin dedicated to the write-only (so the reading is free), smart cards BLUTRONICS Blucard have 5 Pin that may be associated separately to the operations of reading and writing, and have different files created .

In fact supplied to Blucard SDK software is included for electrical personalization of smart cards Blucard called FSCreator 2.0 through which you can customize the file system of the smart card in a simple and immediate.

The scalability of the smart card BLUTRONICS Blucard allows to replace the memory capacity of the smart card present in the final design that will be developed, without the need to rewrite the application.

The complete API compatibility with the PC / SC standard and protocols T = 0 / T = 1 which is equipped makes BLUTRONICS Blucard compatible with 98% of the systems on the market.

Free from any constraint, the BLUTRONICS Blucard can be used with any reader / writer smart cards and PC / SC compliant.

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