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I saw on the site the availability of different smart card 256 byte 1024 and then 4k microprocessor, which are compatible with the Blutronics Bludrive Family Smart card Readers?
Posted by Luca Rizzo on 30 August 2012 08:02 PM
The product family BLUTRONICS Bludrive Family are readers / writers standard PC / SC compliant smart card that supports ISO7816 and protocols T = 0, T = 1, 2wire, 3wire, I2C.

This means that they are supported:

  • microprocessor cards standard T = 0 / T = 1
  • memory cards protected SLE4442/SLE4428
  • cards momoria free I2C

In case the reader BLUTRONICS Bludrive Family uses a memory card, you will need to download the libraries, and documentation available on this site in the downloads section.

If you use the player with a chip card standard, it can be used with any system supports standard PC / SC.
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