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Can I use Blucard SDK with Delphi?
Posted by Luca Rizzo on 30 August 2012 07:23 PM
The Blucard SDK are a standard DLL API Win32.

This means they can be used on all development systems that support this type of technology.

The type of use may vary from language to language, as well as the relative version of the language used (eg Delphi or Delphi. Net).

Inside the package is included in the technical documentation through which it is possible to provide interface to the API.

Obviously it's a good idea to adopt the latest release of the SDK Blucard from your dealer.

In fact, since the 1.9 release has been added to auto-update feature in if FSCreator 2.0 Basic Edition included in the SDK.

For anyone who was not in possession of the latest release we invite you to follow the steps in the following article

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