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What operation makes the operating system

When you insert a smart card into the reader, Windows try to read the smart card throught the CPS/PKCS#11 smart card drivers.

If the smart card driver is not available into the system, in the notification area, Windows show the following error message:

Device driver software was not successfully installed. Click here for details.

This message disappear after any seconds.

How to solve the problem?

To solve the problem you will ask to the smart card emitter/manufacturer the right driver.

How I can test if the reader work fine?

In order to test if our reader work fine is possible to download the Blutronics Diagnostic Tool from the following address:

When the download is complete you will only insert a valid microprocessor smart card, and start the application, then you can see all working informations or possible errors if exist.


How I can receive more informations?

For every questions please don't hesitate to contact us opening a ticket.

The registered users can send en email to: to submit technical issue.

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